Joan McGibben Interior Design


Home Designer: Developer Marcus von Skepsgardh    Interior/ exterior design: Joan McGibben


Nature Loft

Harmony and balance created in a reinvented machine storage barn. A few soft curves of walls and kitchen island define the spaces. everything is oriented to making the interior a part of the exterior environment.  A Feng Shui master visited the site during construction and confirmed that the Ch’i was able to flow freely given the placement and shape of interior spaces.  Environmental Construction was important as evidenced by the use of reclaimed woods and concrete.  The use of skylights and windows created a passive solar environment. Joan further extended the inside to the outside by designing a series of planter boxes and benches along a 100’ long deck situated beneath a grove of Eucalyptus trees.  She also designed raised beds in the rear of the building to complement the angled walls of the barn. Using fallen Eucalyptus branches a pergola was built and, using recycled granite from torn up sidewalks in San Francisco, a “Alice in Wonderland” bench was built for contemplation and watching the sun set. The view from this spot looks south east and west toward the  Santa Cruz Mountains and out over the Pacific Ocean.